Thank you all for giving Livia the best first year of school! The Creative Groove program so far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier with how Livia has grown and matured over this past year. You have all been so wonderful and nurturing to our girl and you made our first separation easy. Thank you a million for all of your hard work, care taking and love over this past year.
Thanks again to you and your staff for a lovely “school” experience for Emily this past Winter and Spring. It was such a wonderful experience for her!
I can’t believe we’re wrapping up the year at Creative Groove! It’s been so fun to watch Colbie grow and flourish in your program. I wanted to get the teachers a little something to thank them for such a wonderful year. Thanks again for a great experience at Creative Groove!
We wanted our son, Michael, to have experience in a structured school setting- following teachers’ directions, socializing with peers, and attending to lessons before enrolling in full day preschool the following school year and “get into the groove for preschool” was just what we were looking for! Michael blossomed in school. His language and creativity exploded. He came home demonstrating yoga poses, singing songs, telling us facts about animals and dinosaurs and built lasting friendships with classmates. The teachers always welcomed our son with a smile and encouraged his inquisitive nature.
Thank you so much for the lovely books, the photo card and thoughtful notes you sent with the girls. It was so nice of you & made me cry! All the artwork is lovely too! You do a great job & I couldn’t have asked for a better start for the girls.
The Creative Groove program has been a wonderfully positive experience for Jordan’s first drop-off experience. The warm, nurturing, and creative environment has really helped him to feel confident and excited about coming to “school.” He wakes up excited about going to school and runs in with enthusiasm. It is always difficult as a parent to leave your child in new environment. But I was immediately impressed with the gentle way that the teachers at Creative Groove welcomed Jordan and helped him to feel comfortable. He often will comment, “I love Miss. Nicole,” which is what you want your kid to say about his teacher! I am very grateful to Sally and the teachers for making Jordan’s first “school” experience a positive one.
We enrolled our daughter in the Creative Groove Preschool Alternative in September and she went two times a week until June. The program was tailored perfectly to her and her classmates and included a variety of centers and activities. I felt that the teachers gave so much attention and time to her and even helped her when she was being potty-trained. She was always excited to go to school and returned happy and excited! I highly recommend this program to everyone as a stepping stone to preschool. We loved it and feel so lucky that our daughter had this opportunity to grow, sing, dance, paint, laugh and learn.
Your program was wonderful for JP and we will highly recommend it to our friends!
I’m very sad the year is over. Julia has really enjoyed her first preschool experience and I thank you for making it a really great one.
Can’t believe the school year will be wrapping up soon. It truly has been a wonderful experience.
I just wanted to say Thank You for such a great program. Ali LOVED school. The staff you have are all so loving and happy….it felt good leaving Ali with such good people. I would have continued the program this summer, but we are leaving Hoboken.
This class has been a wonderful growing experience for Asher and we are so sad to see it come to an end as we look forward to his new preschool adventures in the fall!
I’m amazed by how much my 2-year old daughter has learned from Bailemos-Let’s Dance. I originally signed her up because the class sounded like a change of pace from her usual routine, but I really did not expect her to learn Spanish. After the first class, she demonstrated her new dance moves. And a few classes later, she was able to count in Spanish. We’re both so thrilled with what she’s learned that it’s become incorporated into our daily routine; including salsa dancing before dinner and counting in Spanish when she’s having her hair washed.