our fall session starts on october 22nd. We will accept new students until November 1st.

registration is now open for the
winter session which starts on January 7, 2020.

Welcome to Get in the Groove for Preschool!  

Get in the Groove for Preschool is a preschool preparation program for 2 to 3 year olds to help them gain a sense of independence and confidence before they go to preschool in the following Fall.  

The program takes place from Tuesday October 22, 2019 to Friday June 19, 2020. We’re excited to have a new home for Get in the Groove for Preschool - our classes will take place in the ground floor classroom of Mile Square Theatre at 1400 Clinton Street. It feels like a perfect home for our classes to be in a space with such a rich creative history and with its own wonderful classes in dance and theater for 3 year olds and up. My own 13 year son just started taking hip hop classes as part of MST’s Dance Academy. It is a wonderful program!

This class is offered 2 mornings per week (Tuesday and Thursday) - you can choose between a 2 or 3 hour class. If your child starts with a 2 hour class, you can then add the extra hour at a later date. You can choose to enroll for 1 or 2 mornings per week. You can add extra mornings once your child has settled in to the program. In January, we will be adding classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings if there is enough interest.

Class times:

  • 9.00am to 11.00am; or

  • 9.00am to 12.00pm.

Our teacher to student ratio is 1:4. The maximum enrollment will be 12 students per class.

Children do not need to be potty-trained to join Get in the Groove for Preschool. Please read our FAQs to learn about our policy during potty training.

We will plan a play date in one of the Hoboken parks in early October so that the children and families can meet each other before classes start. We will end the school year with a graduation ceremony where the children will share the songs, dances and stories that they have learned during the course of the school year. We will present each child with a copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr Seuss signed by their teachers. We hope that you will keep this book and have it signed by your child’s teachers throughout their years at school and give it to them as a graduation gift when they graduate from high school.

Creativity is as important as literacy.
— Sir Ken Robinson

Our preschool prep program reflects our passion for creativity, curiosity and each child's unique passions and interests. It is also firmly rooted in a philosophy of play-based learning.

We believe that it is vital for a child's natural creativity to be nurtured, encouraged and explored.

We also believe that children are naturally curious and that responding to their questions and curiosity leads to a rich learning experience.

The program incorporates music, art, dance, drama, books and storytelling, fun science projects and Spanish language.  The program also includes yoga.  We are excited to stretch not only the children's imaginations but also their whole bodies! 

Each child is unique and the protagonist of his or her own growth. Children desire to acquire knowledge, have much capacity for curiosity and amazement, and yearn to create relationships with others and communicate.
— Loris Malaguzzi

Our program provides a loving and nurturing environment where our young students can start to take their first steps toward independence and gaining confidence.  We work closely with each family to ease this transition for both the child and the parent. As a mother of three children, I had one child walk into her first classroom and never look back and two children who became intimately acquainted with my legs as they clung desperately to me.  Having gone through this with my middle child, I found The Nest preschool for my youngest child and the loving environment they provided gradually coaxed him from my leg and we watched him gain confidence in a richly creative classroom and loving community.

Having gone through that experience myself, I'm committed to providing a nurturing and creative environment that will feel safe and welcoming to even the most hesitant of children.

We will work with each family to make the separation as gentle as possible. However, we will encourage you to trust us to support your child through their sadness or other emotions when you leave. We assure you that we will reach out to you if your child is inconsolable. We will treat your child the way we would want our own children to be treated. When my son was at The Nest, the teachers encouraged me to walk away while he was still sobbing which was SO SO SO hard to do. However, as I paused around the corner from where his classroom was, I was able to hear for myself how quickly his crying stopped. When I picked him up at the end of the class, he was full of smiles and tales of what he had done that morning. Even as a soon-to-be 8th grader, he still talks about how happy he was there. He wouldn’t have had the chance to experience all those wonderful experiences if I hadn’t trusted the teachers that it was OK to walk away while he was crying.

There is a waiting area outside the classroom for parents or caregivers who want to stay close during the first few classes. It allows you to be close by while also out of sight which can be very important while your child is feeling ALL the emotions that are natural for them to be feeling as they experience separation from their parent or caregiver possibly for the first time.

Thank you all for giving Livia the best first year of school! The Creative Groove program so far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier with how Livia has grown and matured over this past year. You have all been so wonderful and nurturing to our girl and you made our first separation easy. Thank you a million for all of your hard work, care taking and love over this past year.

As part of Get in the Groove for Preschool, we will introduce the children to Spanish by learning colors, numbers, days, animals and phrases in Spanish.  We have had a passion for incorporating Spanish into our classes since we offered our very first class - Bailemos-Let’s Dance! - in September 2005. We are thrilled to hear from many parents that their child has started counting in Spanish when they climb stairs or when they are in the bathtub.   What is wonderful about this is that the children have done it without prompting. 

The class is not intended to be a Spanish immersion class. However, whenever we are teaching a child something in English - like colors or counting or days of the week - we will take that opportunity to also teach them the same thing in Spanish. We want to introduce children at a young age to the idea of being bilingual.

I’m amazed by how much my 2-year old daughter has learned. I originally signed her up because the class sounded like a change of pace from her usual routine, but I really did not expect her to learn Spanish. After the first class, she demonstrated her new dance moves. And a few classes later, she was able to count in Spanish. We’re both so thrilled with what she’s learned that it’s become incorporated into our daily routine; including salsa dancing before dinner and counting in Spanish when she’s having her hair washed.

The dance portion of the class is all about encouraging the innate rhythm and the natural love of music and movement that your child demonstrates whenever they hear music.  We will introduce them to music that they might not otherwise get to hear – cha-cha, salsa and merengue!

During the art portion of the class, the children will have a great time exploring a world of color with paints, crayons, play doh and more.

We will start to slow things down at the end of class with a yoga session and then story time reading some of our favorite books. We will rotate between books in English and Spanish and singing songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (“Brilla Brilla Estrellita”) and Goodbye Friends (“Adios Amigos”).

I am so very proud of this program and of all the children who have participated in it before starting preschool.

We took a little break from offering this program while I focused on some of my own creative projects and helped my parents while they were ill.

During the past few weeks, I have kept bumping into children who were in Get in the Groove for Preschool and it reminded me of how much I LOVE this age group and how much I missed our students and families. So we’re BACK and beyond excited to welcome a new group of students in the Fall!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Info@CreativeGrooveStudio.com


Sally Robertson,
Founder of Creative Groove Studio