What is your approach to the transition period for my child?

This program was created by me after my experiences with my own children.  Three very different children - one walked into preschool with barely a backward glance.  The younger two became intimately acquainted with my legs and had to be physically removed from my legs by very loving teachers who knew (much better than I did) that my children would settle much more easily without me being there.

I have kept those experiences in mind while creating Get in the Groove for Preschool while also remembering (very, very, very clearly) how heart-wrenching it was to walk away with my children sobbing and/or screaming.

So please trust me when I say that I know exactly what you are going through as a parent when you contemplate leaving your child for the first time.

We work with each family to do what is best for their child.  If a child is incredibly hesitant about entering the classroom, we will encourage you to come in and explore the classroom with your child.  We are happy for a parent or caregiver to remain in class for the first 2-3 classes if that seems like the best approach for your child.  

We will then very much encourage you to leave and, if you wish, remain in the waiting area out of sight of your child so that we can engage with your child and learn how best to comfort them and encourage them to interact with the other children.

We have seen children who sobbed, screamed and kicked through the first few classes transition into engaged and happy children in a very short space of time.  

We have had children who needed a physical or occupational therapist be in class with them for the whole school year and those children have also thrived.

So our approach is to work with you and your child to do what is best for your child.  

We have had 3 or 4 children (out of 60 or more children) who were simply inconsolable and, after discussion with the parent, left the program.  We treat each and every child in the way we would want our own children to be treated.

When my two younger children were inconsolable when I left them, I quickly learned that they settled within 15-30 minutes and, eventually, after just a few minutes.  When I picked them up, they had clearly had a wonderful time.

We do offer refunds for unused classes for children who leave the program within the first month.

What happens when my child is ready to be potty-trained?

We will provide the support your child needs during the potty training period.

However, we do require that a child wear pull-up diapers until they are accident free.

It is too disruptive and unsanitary for the other students when a child has an accident while wearing regular underwear.  If a child has the accident while playing or dancing or moving around the classroom, the accident can cover quite a large amount of ground so we do require that children wear pull-ups until they are fully potty trained.

If this conflicts with the potty training method you are using, we ask that you keep your child home for the potty training period. 

My child has nut allergies - is the studio a nut-free zone?

Our program is nut-free and the studio is a nut-free zone.  

All of our teachers and assistant teachers are trained in CPR and how to use an Epi pen before joining our classes.  We have had quite a few children with nut allergies in the program and are experienced in keeping an eye on any food products in other children's snacks that might not be 100% nut free.  We send frequent reminders to families to look carefully at food packaging to ensure that the food is in fact nut-free.

If you child misses a class has to miss a class due to illness or a family vacation, we offer two make-up classes per 16 week session.

What happens if my child misses a class?